开源游戏专用 CE 修改器 Cheat Engine 7.5.0 中文多语免费版

摘要:Cheat Engine 7 中文免费版由发布。Cheat Engine 中文名称为 CE 修改器,Cheat Engine 是一款内存修改编辑工具,CE 修改器通过查找游戏内存,缓存数据的方法修改游戏数据,达到修改游戏的目的。在技术层面上,CE 修改器包括16进制编辑,反汇编程序,内存查找工具。与同类修改工具…

Cheat Engine 7 中文免费版发布。Cheat Engine 中文名称为 CE 修改器,Cheat Engine 是一款内存修改编辑工具,CE 修改器通过查找游戏内存,缓存数据的方法修改游戏数据,达到修改游戏的目的。在技术层面上,CE 修改器包括16进制编辑,反汇编程序,内存查找工具。与同类修改工具相比,CE 修改器具有更强大的反汇编功能。

开源游戏专用 CE 修改器 Cheat Engine 7.5.0 中文多语免费版

开源游戏专用 CE 修改器 Cheat Engine 7.5.0 中文多语免费版 游戏专用 CE 修改器 Cheat Engine 中文免费版

Cheat Engine 是一款内存修改编辑工具 ,它允许你修改你的游戏或软件内存数据,以得到一些其他功能。它包括16进制编辑,反汇编程序,内存查找工具。与同类修改工具相比,它具有强大的反汇编功能,且自身附带了外挂制作工具,可以用它直接生成外挂。

Cheat Engine 功能特色

  • Cheat Engine 修改器是一款功能强大的游戏修改工具,具有以下几个优点:
  • 支持多种游戏平台和游戏类型,可以满足不同游戏玩家的需求。
  • 可以修改游戏中的各种数值,如金钱、经验、生命值等,让玩家可以轻松获得游戏中的优势。
  • 支持自定义脚本和代码,可以根据不同游戏的特点进行修改,提高修改效率。
  • 支持多种搜索方式和筛选条件,可以快速定位需要修改的数值,提高修改效率。
  • 支持多种界面语言和主题,可以满足不同用户的需求。

然而,Cheat Engine 修改器也存在一些缺点:

  • 使用 Cheat Engine 修改器可能会导致游戏的平衡性受到破坏,影响游戏的乐趣。
  • 使用 Cheat Engine 修改器可能会导致游戏账号被封禁,影响游戏体验。
  • Cheat Engine 修改器的使用需要一定的技术水平和经验,对于新手用户来说可能存在一定的难度。

Cheat Engine 使用教程

Cheat Engine 是一款功能强大的游戏修改工具,使用 Cheat Engine 进行游戏修改的步骤如下:

  1. 下载并安装 Cheat Engine 软件,打开软件后选择需要修改的游戏进程。
  2. 打开需要修改的游戏,并记录需要修改的数值,如金钱、经验、生命值等。
  3. 在 Cheat Engine 软件中点击“打开进程”按钮,选择需要修改的游戏进程。
  4. 在 Cheat Engine 软件中点击“新的扫描”按钮,输入需要修改的数值,如金钱数值,点击“首次扫描”。
  5. 在游戏中修改需要修改的数值,如增加金钱数值,然后返回 Cheat Engine 软件,点击“再次扫描”。
  6. 重复步骤 5,直到在 Cheat Engine 软件中只剩下一个数值,这个数值就是需要修改的数值。
  7. 在 Cheat Engine 软件中将需要修改的数值修改为想要的数值,如增加金钱数值,然后保存修改。

需要注意的是,使用 Cheat Engine 进行游戏修改可能会导致游戏的平衡性受到破坏,影响游戏的乐趣,同时也可能会导致游戏账号被封禁,使用 Cheat Engine 时需要谨慎操作。

综上所述,Cheat Engine 修改器是一款功能强大的游戏修改工具,可以满足不同游戏玩家的需求,但是需要注意使用的风险和技术难度。

Cheat Engine 证可证



Cheat Engine 7.5 Latest
from patreon 7.4.3 to public 7.5:
removed the driver requirement for the access memory regions tool
added 1 byte jmp instructions (that will install an exeption handler and place an int3 at the location)
added a scanoption so you can skip unpaged memory. (should prevent targets from eating up RAM when scanned)
reassemble() now rewrites an instruction using multiple lines when needed
make some error messages more descriptive
added an option to center the highlighted disassembler code to the center
added an explanation why the driver won’t load and a link with info on how to get it to load for now
memoryrecord hotkeys can now be disabled individually
codefilter: unwind info now gives less bad results
added support for pseudo-ops like cmpss/sd/ps/pd
lua: added ceserver commands
lua: show a stacktrace on execution error
lua: added convertToUTF8(stringbytetable, regioncode)
made loading CT files with signatures possible under wine and proton
from patreon 7.4.2 to patreon 7.4.3:
ceserver: pipe support (mono data dissector)
ceserver: added change memory protection capability
ceserver: Available options can now be sent to the CE GUI
.netinfo: Replaced the fields view with a tree
network config: The processlist now has focus after opening a server
lua: added virtualstringtree
lua: added invertColor
lua: added disassembleBytes(bytestring)
autoassembler: now a visual warning is shown when nearby allocation fails
autoassembler: the templates now generate 14 byte jmp safe original code blocks as well
pointerscan now has a deviation option for “pointer must end with offset” to help find pointers back after update
ultimap: added copy selected results to clipboard
from patreon 7.4.1 to patreon 7.4.2
ipt: Added intel process trace feature provided by microsoft.
ceserver: Improve the modulelist fetch speed, more stable
ceserver: option to disconnect from closed ceservers
ceserver: the discovery list is now also a history list
ceserver: implement injection on arm64 as well
ceserver: also gets the fpu registers now
assembler x86_64: prefer mov rax,[rip+xxx] over mov rax,[imm64]
disasembler x86_64: switch from r#l to r#b because why not
mono: the dll now has a versioncheck so that you don’t accidentally mix monodatacollector dll’s
mono: deal with situations where there is no mainform
mono/.net: the methodlist is now sorted by name
better arm disassembler and assembler
better arm64 disassembler and assembler
the scanregions can be saved/loaded upon close/start ce (seperate option in settings)
added an option to skip loading .PDB files
a lot more functions are exposed to newstate threads
added ranges scans to groupscan
freeze+allow increase/decrease now also looks if the value is signed
trainers: Forms and controls now scale based on DPI
changing record showassigned/showashex now also applies to other selected entries
texttraces now don’t save as .cetrace but as .txt now
ccode: #include now searches table files for files there as well
ccode: the internal symbolhandler can now deal with stdcalled function symbols
lua: added ImageIndex property to TTreeNode
lua: added OnValuechanged and OnValueChangedByUser callbacks to MemoryRecord objects
lua: added getOpenedFileSize()
lua: added onHelpEvent callback
lua: added releaseDebugFiles()
lua: added enumRegisteredSymbolLists() and enumRegisteredSymbols()
lua: added getBitmap method to ImageList objects
from public 7.4 to patreon 7.4.1:
added .Visible property to treenode entries
added .VisibleRowCount and .TopItem to listviews
added arm64 disassembling and assembling
added lua function “runCommand”
added a radiobutton to select if the generated script will use 5 or 14 byte jmps.
conditional jumps can now deal 2gb+ destinations (will get rewritten)
dotnetinfo: Performance improvement
memory record hotkeys now have a “Only while down” option
Updated the dbghelp to a more recent version which can better handle nowadys pdb symbols
different memory allocations now get placed within the initial allocation block. Protection is changed afterwards
tracer can now step over rep instructions
lua stringstream now inherits from memorystream, so you have access to the Memory field
lua: Added a callback for whenever the structure list is modified
added architecture distinguishing to ceserver
pressing escape in the hotkey form will now close it
added nested structure support
added string based custom types
ctrl+enter in the disassembler now shows relative addresses from that point
the diffcount in “find out what accessess/writes” will now stay even when disabling the option to find the number of different addresses an instruction accesses
from patreon 7.4.3 to public 7.5:
vehdebug: Fixed a case where a new thread creation or other event would cause another event that would trigger at exactly the same time to get the exception ignored and just continued
monodatacollector: fixed invoke method
dotnetdatacollector: Fixed issue of loading a wrong version of dbgshim.dll
fixed disassembling cvtdq2pd
from patreon 7.4.2 to patreon 7.4.3:
ceserver: Fixed extension loading in some cases
ceserver: fixed stepping on x86 targets
fixed the name showing as [physical memory] instead of the filename when opening a file
fixed a rare error when scanning using specific options
fixed some documentation in celua at some points
fixed stackview in “more info” being garbage/access violation
fixed tracer search for instructions ending with ]
fixed enumExports lua function
fixed issue where vehdebug would crash
fixed the assembler from handing [rex+reg*x] as a symbol when debugging
fixed the disassembler backlist
fixed termination issue on the memscan object
from patreon 7.4.1 to patreon 7.4.2
Fixed the tracer search for instructions ending with a ]
VEH debug: Fixed the potential of invalid handles being used
Kernelmode debug and VEH debug: Fixed setting context on non suspended threads
fixed the lua_pcallk delegate in the c# plugin example
fixed speedhack on wine 7.0
fixed high dpi issue of structure dissect on first view
fixed high dpi issue on find what access/writes dialogs
restored the anchor editor (was gone in 7.4.1)
fixed .net info instance lookup issue
fixed customtypes getting marked as string (bug introduced in 7.4.1)
fixed runcommand
fixed modalforms from losing their text color internally (bug introduced in 7.4.1)
mac: fixed some progressbars not properly updating
from public 7.4 to patreon 7.4.1:
fixed the all type not finding 4 types when double was deselected
fixed the “all” type when not using double
fixed ccode esp access in 32-bit and “reg”f types
fixed disassembling when using binutils for disassembly
fixed the tablefiles menulist eating memory because they didn’t get deleted properly
fixed .net issues that use obfoscated modules and missing metadata
fixed paring value starting with a – or +
fixed assembling pmovmskb
fixed disassembling vgather* vex256 instructions and allow usage of xmm/ymm registers as address (for instructions that allow it. Like this one)
fixed the addresslist not giving a proper error when using multiple enable or disable section
fixed error when using ctrl for speedhack hotkeys
fixed the groupscan command parser from assigning wildcard to the wrong combobox
fixed disassembling xchg eax/rax,xxx
fixed lua custom type registering as float when using the non lua function method
fixed small memoryscan issue for data at the end of a memoryblock
ccode doesn’t register useless symbols anymore




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